About Me

I am an amateur writers, singer, artist, and cosplayer. I go to school so most of my weekdays are of me locked away in my room studying for tests that aren’t going to happen. I’m a terrible procrastinator but I manage to update my Wattpad stories often. I like to sing and dance around my room when no one is around and I’m a total bitch to be around. I’m Pansexual and like to be very confident in my sexuality, openly flirting with everyone and become a shy little girl when someone flirts with me.

I live in the western United States and go to a crappy high school. My neighborhood is boring so most of my friends are online. I’ve been roleplaying since 2013, writing since 2014, and cosplaying since late-2015. I live with both parents and one of two older brothers, me being the only daughter. Most of my friends like to compare me to Sam and Dean Winchester, Alexander Hamilton, Dan Howell, and Mark Fischbach.