Mother’s Day (Alexander Hamilton X Reader)


(Y/N) = Your Name

(e/c) = Eye Color

(M/N) = Mother’s Name


You had a love/hate relationship with your choice of a college education.

Since you were a little girl, you wanted to be a lawyer. Your mother wanted to be one but couldn’t since she had you at a young age. Your mother raised you single-handed and you never saw a woman so strong and determined. Sadly, a few weeks after you finished your sophomore year at Columbia University, she died from a heart attack. Your mother was only forty-two. It destroyed you when you heard the news. You spent half of your summer vacation sobbing your eyes out and wishing that this was just a cruel joke. Hell, you prayed that it was just a joke. But it wasn’t. Death is never a joke.

Junior Year started up a few days ago and you were a mess. You changed up your schedule so all your classes were in the afternoons and evenings. Having classes only four days a week, you spend your days off in your room sleeping, messing up your sleep schedule more than it already was.

Still, you managed to be an active member of the Hamilsquad, your group of friends since high school. In the group were the original Hamilsquad; Alexander Hamilton (group’s namesake), Johns Laurens, Hercules Mulligan, and Lafayette (Lafayette is called by his last name since his name is SO LONG). Along with the four boys were you, Angelica Schuyler and her sisters Eliza and Peggy, and Maria Reynolds. Aaron Burr was part of the group but left after he got into a heated fistfight with Alexander, almost killing Alexander in the process.

Heck, the group that was the reason you weren’t sleeping your day away right now. Angelica had invited you over for some coffee and a movie marathon, to which you happily accepted. You had just gotten out of the shower and dressed when you caught a glimpse of the calendar pinned to the corkboard on the wall.

Sunday, May 14

Mother’s Day

You froze and couldn’t breathe. You now remembered why you felt like shit and cried yourself to sleep last night. It was national ‘celebrate the woman who brought you into this unforgiving world’ day. Why was Angelica asking you to come over? Shouldn’t she be at lunch with her mother and sisters? What was the rest of the group doing today? Spending the day with their mothers? Giving their mothers gifts and making her smile? That sounds nice.

“Morning, (Y/N).”

You didn’t move a muscle as Alexander walked into the kitchenette. You had completely forgotten about your roommate. You just assumed he had left before you woke up. It was Sunday, so Alexander, being the religious man he is, would go to morning mass before returning to the dorm and getting to work on his essays for the rest of the day. You were Atheist so you didn’t join him often, only joining him once because you were bored out of your mind.

“Did you sleep well, (Y/N)?” Alexander asked, starting his usual morning small talk before leaving. When he noticed you not moving from where you stood and not speaking, he watched you with concern, walking towards you cautiously. He placed a hand on your shoulder and saw you slightly flinch but relax. You slowly turned your head and look straight at Alexander, your (e/c) eyes burning into his brown eyes. Your eyes filled with tears and they began falling, at first slowly but then they came down like a turned-on faucet. Your pale face slowly turned red and your lip quivered, soft whimpers left your mouth as you collapsed to your knees, holding yourself as you softly sobbed. Alexander kneeled in front of you and held you, your head resting on his shoulder and your arms wrapping around his torso tightly. You two stayed this way until your wailing sobs turned into soft whimpers. Alexander ran a hand through your hair as he shooshed you, rubbing your back with his other hand.

You pulled away and took in a shaky breath. Alexander pulled his hand from your hair and cupped your cheek, wiping away stray tears that still were falling. You felt his eyes on you but you stared down at the ground as your hands slowly let go of him and fall into your lap.

“Would you like to talk about it?” Alexander asked in a hushed tone. You nodded before he leads you off the floor and onto the couch, where he pulled you into an embrace, your head on his chest and he resumed running his fingers through your hair. You calm down and relax before speaking.

“It’s so surreal.” You said. “She’s been gone for only a few months and it feels like I got that phone call from my aunt yesterday. My mom loved me to death. She told me everything. Why did she tell me she had heart problems?”

“Perhaps she didn’t want you to worry about her and focus on your studies?” Alexander suggested. You couldn’t help but agree. Your mother would do something like that. She never liked others worrying about her. You inherited that stubbornness. Whenever someone asked if you were okay you’d say you were, even if you weren’t. You couldn’t count how many times you brushed your friends off like that on one hand. Especially Alexander.

Out of the eight other Hamilsquad members, you knew Alexander the longest. He was transferred to your high school freshmen year and you were assigned to be his guide for the first week he was there. You found how he over analyzed everything and his ignorance intriguing. He was a flirt but he was a sweetheart. You two became fast friends but never really hung out because he was in AP classes. But then, before the year ended, he pulled you into the Hamilsquad and you were stuck with them ever since. Alexander was your date to all of the dances you two went to, even when he was dating Eliza and Maria. Homecoming, Spring Fling, Junior Prom, Sadie Hawkins, even your own Senior Prom for most of the night. He always dragged you to dances to make sure you were having ‘a healthy amount of fun’ and to spend time with you since he can’t during the school week.

“Did you like my mom, Alex?” You asked, breaking the comfortable silence. Alexander stiffened for a moment before relaxing. You heard him chuckle.

“(M/N) was a unique woman.” Alexander said. “She was caring and had a great sense of humor. She reminded me so much of my own mother as well. She’d tease me sometimes because of….” His voice trailed off.

You sat up and looked at Alexander with a confused look. “Tease you about what?” you asked.

Alexander pulled his hands away from you and ran a hand through his hair, his face turning red. He let out an awkward chuckle before making eye contact with you.

“In senior year, I made a confession to your mother.” He explained. “I told her that I was in love with you and asked for her permission to ask you on a date. She laughed and granted me that permission, teasing me about it every time I came over and hadn’t asked you out yet.”

You felt your face heat up and your eyes widened. Alexander liked you? He asked your mom for permission to ask you out? It was kind of old-fashioned but it was sweet.

“Are you still in love with me?” You couldn’t stop yourself from asking that question. You wanted- no needed to know if Alexander still liked you that way. To say you liked him back was an understatement. Love at first sight is the correct term to use to describe how you fell in love with Alexander Hamilton. The way his hair would be pulled in a messy ponytail and his clothes were often disheveled made you smile instantly. His rants were interesting to listen to but can be annoying at some times. His smile was contagious. His hugs made you feel at home. He was sweet, charming, respectable, funny, and can be stubborn at times but that’s what made Alexander who he is. You didn’t want him any other way.

“Being completely honest,” Alexander rubbed the back of his neck. “Yes. I still love you (Y/N). I don’t think I’ll ever stop.”

Without realizing what the hell your body was doing, you leaned forward and pressed your lips to his. Alexander froze but almost instantly kissed back, cupping your face in his hands. Your fingers found their way to his hair and you both stayed there for a minute before pulling apart, panting. Alexander rested his forehead on yours and grinned. You couldn’t help but do the same. Your sadness and frustration melted away the moment your lips touched. Alexander always knew how to make you happy. He always makes you smile, no matter how sad you were.

“I love you, Alexander.”

“I love you too, (Y/N)”


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